Personality of the Numbers

Personality of numbers 1 to 9 represent human characteristics.

Both single and double digit numbers signify characteristics.

A brief of such characteristics are as below:

Single digit Numbers:

*No:1*- Most independent, Unconventional, Individualistic of all numbers.

Represents the beginning. Source, Innovator etc.,

*No:2*- Gentle; represents co-operation; diplomacy; Tactful; Power behind the

throne; Supportive number

*No:3*- Most playful; creative, inspirational, motivating, Self-expression and

Communication; Happy-to-go lucky number; Optimistic and enthusiastic;

*No:4*- Most practical. Sharp eye for details; orderly, systematic, methodical

and precise. Reliable, dependable; Rigid and dislikes changes;

*No:5*- Most dynamic. Persuasive, a promoter, Versatile, adaptable,

experimenter and explorer, straight-shooter with extraordinary reflexes; adventurous and


*No:6*- Most loving; harmonious with all numbers; committed; caring;

sympathetic; protective as well as responsible; cares for weaker – mother/fatherhood number.

*No:7*- Most spiritual – seeker of truth; mental; analytical; meditative; self-oriented and often

withdrawn; scientist, philosopher, preacher, scholar and sage.

*No:8*- Most result oriented; balance between material and spiritual world; powerful;

ambitious; big dreams; big plans; gambler; forgiving, broad minded; visionary number.

*No:9*- Most humanitarian- effort and sacrifice; giving, sharing, loving; caring;

world-wide consciousness; genius; synthesizer; creative and artistic; aloof, noble, aristocratic.