Vasumati Yog or Vasuman Yog

Vasumati Yog : – For Wealth  and Money in Vedic Astrology

Vasumati yog or Vasuman yog  brings enormous wealth in native’s life. Vasuman means wealthy and this yog  can be called as wealth producing yog.

Vasuman yog has been formed if all benefic planets are placed in 3rd,6th,10th or 11th house (Upchaya Houses) from Ascendant.  (It is not required that one is in 3rd or 6th or 10th or 11th. — It is required that all planets are in Upchaya houses.)

The same is also possible, if all benefic planets (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter) are placed in 3rd, 6th, 10th or 11th sign (Upcahay Houses) from moon Ascendant. (It means all benefic planets are in 3rd, 6th, 10th or in 11th sign — even though some sign has one or many benefic planets).

If the native born in vasumati  yog , he always lives in his house and he has lots of money.In early days, belief is that if person is outside of country ( lives in different country ),he is facing trouble and if lives in his home (or country ), he is pleasure situation.

The native ,who has vasumati yog not only gets wealth but also has good reputation in society. The native born with vasumati yog has characteristics like sweet language, clerical strength, diplomatic ect. The native borns with Vasumati Yog will be courageous, will not shy away from responsibilities. The native will have lot of initiative to achieve something in life. The native will earn lot of money primarily because of his own efforts. Vasumati Yoga has more to do with money than with anything else.  The upachya houses are the ones  which gives materialistic gains, benefic  planets in upachyas houses bring these gains to the native.

Students of Vedic astrology generally read the Vasumati yog from lagan as well as moon. It is seen that Vasumati yog formed in reference to lagan or ascendant is more influential than the one formed with reference to the Moon. If the upachayas happen to be exaltation place of the planet, the yog becomes very powerful while the reverse takes place when the upachayas happen to be a debilitated place of that planet. If three benefic planets occupy three upachyas houses out of the four upachyas houses then it will be more stronger  yoga than a horoscope which has two benefices occupying two upachyas houses.